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Do your clients ask you about philanthropy when discussing their finances or estate plan with you? Do they seem overwhelmed or confused about the numerous charitable options? Do you feel comfortable answering questions about their charitable donations? Are your clients interested in engaging their children or grandchildren in their charitable giving? Are they unsure how to do this?

Service Offerings:
Enlightened Philanthropy can help you address your clients’ philanthropic needs. While you are the expert in managing their wealth, preparing their taxes, or creating their estate plan, we can assist you in answering your clients’ concerns about their philanthropy and build client loyalty in the process. We can:

  • Facilitate multigenerational discussions
  • Train you in how to start the philanthropic conversation with your clients*
  • Engage generations in discovery of philanthropy together
  • Develop structured junior boards for family foundations
  • Offer presentations for you and your clients on a range of topics in philanthropy
  • Assist your clients in developing a Philanthropy Plan
  • Provide Philanthropic Concierge Services for your clients
  • Conduct an Annual Client Philanthropy Review

* The philanthropic conversation can be a key part of your relationship with clients. To learn more about why it’s so important to discuss your clients’ giving, read my post: Engaging Your Clients in the Philanthropic Conversation is Better for Business.

Whether you’re an accountant, attorney, financial advisor, or wealth manager, let us be your philanthropic resource for you and your clients.

We are pleased to offer our services for a retainer fee, project fee, or on an hourly basis, dependent on your needs. Please contact us today to discuss how we can best meet your goals.