Next Gen

Are you driven to make a difference in this world? Do you want to go beyond your required community service hours and engage at a deeper level? Do you want to explore the world of philanthropy further?

Are you struggling to understand who you are in relation to what you are inheriting or will inherit? Do you need help making sense of what you will do about it?

Service Offerings:

Enlightened Philanthropy can help you answer these questions and discover how to make a positive impact in today’s world. We can help you transform your passion into action. We have three services specifically for engaging next gen.

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  • Offering Philanthropy Camp for Teens—This one-week interactive experience for high school students, allows teens to explore the world of philanthropy and learn how to make a difference in today’s world. Sign up for more information as it’s announced.
  • Creating and facilitating Teen Foundations—for high school youth to work together to learn about the power of giving while building awareness, fundraising, and donating to causes they care about
  • Developing and facilitating Junior Boards of family foundations—for families who want to engage the next gen in their philanthropy