Vision: A world in which people give from a place of authenticity and inspiration to make a difference. 

Mission: To encourage and promote philanthropic action.

Everyone can be a philanthropist

For too long in our society, philanthropy has been narrowly defined and the word philanthropist has been reserved for only a few very wealthy individuals. We believe that philanthropy is not wholly about money and subscribe to a broader definition. Philanthropy is when an individual gives her time, talent, treasure, or ties to a cause she is passionate about, in effect, making a difference in the world. Given this definition, there is no age limit or socioeconomic parameter on philanthropy. There is also no one way to engage in philanthropy. Anyone can engage in philanthropy. Everyone can and should feel that when they give of themselves in one of these ways, they too are a philanthropist.

Engaging the next generation

With the impending wealth transfer that will occur in the coming decades, the next generation is set to inherit $59 trillion. Their philanthropy can be more impactful than any generation before it and they are already changing how people engage in philanthropy. They are taking lessons from their grandparents and parents and melding them with their own experiences to reinterpret philanthropy for today’s world. Many youth aren’t waiting for such an event. They see a problem and they are acting NOW to create solutions—raising money on their own and from their peers or creating nonprofit organizations. We are at an exciting time in the age of philanthropy.

Values: Enlightened Philanthropy’s work is rooted in our values and we return to these in our work with our clients, just as we encourage philanthropists to do as they discover their true philanthropic self.

  • Empathy – We embrace the root of philanthropy—love of humankind—and set about our work with this in mind. We must be empathic and understand the needs of our fellow human beings.
  • Integrity – We perform our work in a professional, honest, and sincere manner. Integrity is the basis of all our interactions.
  • Knowledge – We value knowledge and how information can be used to best serve our clients.
  • Leadership – We lead the way in philanthropic advising and assisting our clients in values-based, multigenerational philanthropy. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of this emerging field and helping to guide the next generation as they engage in philanthropy.

Strengths: Enlightened Philanthropy draws upon our strengths to provide guidance and clarity for today’s donors and nonprofits:

  • Strategic – Our strategic approach enables us to see the patterns and issues we all face and determine the appropriate answers, solutions, or path to follow as we proceed. Our strategic thinking can help guide your vision of philanthropy.
  • Connectedness – We see the world as one interconnected web. Understanding the connectedness of people and cultures, we can help build bridges between generations of a family or departments in an organization. Our strength is an ability to listen and help counsel you on the connections you may be overlooking with your philanthropy.
  • Maximizer – We seek excellence in all that we do and wish to help you achieve success in your philanthropy, however you define success.
  • Intuitive – We’re able to walk into a room and instinctively know how people are feeling. We can intuitively understand your perspective on life and help you express this, using it to your advantage as you engage in philanthropy.
  • Input – Our inquisitive nature leads us to keep seeking more information about the world around us, gathering information to share with those who need it. By gathering pertinent information from our clients, we can leverage this as we prepare a values-based strategy that expresses your authentic philanthropic self.