Deborah Goldstein

Deborah GoldsteinEveryone can be a philanthropist…

I have led my philanthropic advising company, Enlightened Philanthropy, since 2008. My intent is to guide the next generation in giving. More and more, I have been inspired by the young people I have met through my work and personal endeavors.

Working on a small philanthropy project with high school students in my congregation the past few years, I have been powerfully affected by their spontaneous energy, interest in humankind, and boundless enthusiasm for life. They have awakened in me a new passion, showing me that they are key to the core vision and driving force for my evolving business.

I believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. The meaning of the word is not wholly about money, but when an individual of any age devotes time, talent, treasure or their network to a cause. That’s what makes a difference. What better way to nurture and grow those natural, altruistic instincts tangibly than with youth? Young people are not waiting for others to lead—they are ready now, creating their own unique ways to give back—role models for us all.

My focus as an entrepreneur intertwines with my own life goals to make an impact on people in the world and to help others make their hopes and dreams a reality. So it is with that dynamic I engage all my clients in a customized process that, hopefully, reveals their authentic motivation and desire to give.

My 15+ years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management allow me to assess and navigate the maze of donor opportunities, aligning my clients’ values and interests with appropriate options in order to create a personalized Philanthropy Plan. Essential to its success is to regularly review the purpose and results so as to keep, or alter, the means to fulfill my client’s mission. I am committed to helping my clients strategize, implement, and problem solve as their partner on this path.

Positioned in the middle of the multi-generations I serve, I believe that I can bridge the gaps, build meaningful communication, and engender constructive action between different ages. I act as a conduit between individuals, their families, trusted advisors, and charitable organizations.

How have I arrived at this place? Passionate about science and the environment from an early age with a continuing love of sea turtles, I completed my college studies in Biology at Wittenberg University in Ohio. I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Marine Policy with a Certificate in Museum Studies at the University of Delaware. My first position was with the Marine Mammal Program at Oregon State University assisting the Director of Development. Unknowingly, I had found my niche!

I then became Grants Manager at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and later the Monterey Bay Aquarium Manager of Institutional Giving. Handling all aspects of foundation, corporate, and government grant proposals and their management gave me the opportunity to hone my writing skills, learn how to make a compelling case to win coveted grants, and work with professionals from all walks of life.

I am a 21/64-certified consultant and am proud to serve as the Co-Dean of Philanthropy on the Council of Deans of the Purposeful Planning Institute. I am also pleased to be a contributing author for the Planned Giving Design Center.

Through my work I hope to inspire young people to discover their passions and the power to achieve their aspirations. Their exuberance and purest intentions invigorate me and cement my belief that there is a positive, purposeful future for all generations.